New MOP Centre in Indonesia

Corpus Christi Missionaries of the Poor Compound is located in Labuan Bajo on Flores island. The brothers live in the compound & provide all the teaching, nursing, feeding, clothing & medical treatment to the residents in the compound & local community.  Local employment is provided for teachers, nurses, cariers & domestics, along with indigenous members of MOP in leadership positions of responsibility at the Centre.

Helpers of MOP in Australia funded construction of the main building to accommodate the 22 brothers who operate the compound & take care of the residents. The building was officially opened in July 2013 with Carol & Leo Keutmann as honoured guests. The funding stretched to build a school in the compound to teach local children English written & spoken.

Currently under construction are: two aged-care residences for men & women; a residence for disabled; a medical clinic & dispensary offering free treatment & medication to the local community & aged & disabled residents; and a refectory & kitchen for the Missionary Brothers to cook & feed the residents.

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Helpers of MOP visit Naga

Helpers of MOP Australia donated funds for the running costs of the Missionaries of the Poor Centre in Naga City on Camarines Sur Island. Naga centre houses 140 disabled & elderly & the monies went towards feeding, clothing & accommodation (cost to feed one person is A$3 per day). The Naga centre provides a school & health centre.  The school children are fed & transported to and from the school to their homes on the dump site.


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